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Chocolate Shakes

The weather is finally starting to warm up a bit, and I don't know about you but for me this means Chocolate Shakes are in order.  So here are some brands I have tried recently and some thoughts on each of them.

#8. Chick-fil-A.  Avoid.  Thin, not much chocolate flavor.  And what flavor there is tends to run to more of a bitter than a sweet chocolate taste.  I've tried them twice (in case there was a problem the first time) and the second one was as bad as the first.  I would rather do without.

#7. Burger King / McDonalds.  Plain 'fountain' type shakes.  Sorta chocolatey.  Better than nothing.  (If McDonalds actually has a working machine for a change...)

#6. Dairy Queen.  Really hard to go wrong with anything from DQ.

#5. Baskin Robbins.  Smooth, creamy, not too thick.  A bit more expensive than DQ.

#4. Char Grill.  Thick, tasty shakes.  And the fact that you can get a decent Cheeseburger to go along with it doesn't hurt.

#3. Steak n Shake.  Shake is even part of …

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